API Endpoints


GET http://<host>:8181/api/stats

This endpoint allows you to get storage statistics of the running Akumuli instance. It's also can be used as a test endpoint to test service availability.

{    "volume_0":    {        "free_space": "0",        "file_name": "\/root\/.akumuli\/db_0.vol"    },    "volume_1":    {        "free_space": "0",        "file_name": "\/root\/.akumuli\/db_1.vol"    },    "volume_2":    {        "free_space": "0",        "file_name": "\/root\/.akumuli\/db_2.vol"    },    "volume_3":    {        "free_space": "2027974656",        "file_name": "\/root\/.akumuli\/db_3.vol"    }}

Read query

POST http://<host>:8181/api/query

This endpoint allows you to retrieve time-series data from the database. The client should provide valid query. The response will use chunked transfer encoding to return the results. The results are encoded using the RESP protocol.

Request Body

+RESP encoded data
+just like this

POST http://<host>:8181/api/search

This API endpoint can be used to retreive the metadata like series names and tag values.

Path Parameters

+RESP encoded output


POST http://<host>:8181/api/suggest

This endpoint can be used to retrieve metric names, tag names, and tag values. It powers autocomplete function of the akumuli-datasource for Grafana.

Path Parameters

+RESP encoded list or results

List functions

GET http://<host>:8181/api/function-names

This endpoint can be used to retrieve the list of functions that can be used in queries.


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